Crack Open a Cold One at Our Duluth, Minnesota Bar

Crack Open a Cold One at Our Duluth, Minnesota Bar

We have a bottled and canned beer selection you can't miss

Beer and liquor are staples at Island Lake Inn. We have canned beer for you to enjoy on- or off-site, depending on your evening plans. Crack open a cold one and join us for one of many events, or head back to the cabin with your buddies for an evening in.

No matter what you decide to do for the evening, grab your ice-cold beer at Island Lake Inn in Duluth, Minnesota.

Beer for every occasion

Island Lake Inn offers bottled and canned beer for a reason. You can take the beer with you anywhere and enjoy it your way. You have the option to drink on-site or take them with you for an after-hours treat.

With our wide beer selection, you can...

  • Share a six-pack on the patio with your friends.
  • Grab a cold one and make your way to one of our live events.
  • Drink in the view from your boat on the water.
  • Lounge back at the cabin with some bottles on ice.

Not sure what to order? We have plenty of beer and liquor for you to choose from. Grab a cold drink from Island Lake Inn today.